Research Department

Collaboration between our expert researchers and the CDMO companies in Benelux, we are working on the projects particularly in the animal vaccine, biosimilar product, and protein purification.

We produce first-class quality products and excellent services for biological product manufacturer around the globe.

Production Department

1- Cytogenetic media such as Amniocyte & Lymphocyte growth medium

2- General medium; DMEM, RPMI, Ham´ F10, Hank´ balance

3- Buffer & Reagent; PBS & TBS buffers, MilliQ water, Pen/Strep

4- Enzyme; Trypsin 0.25 & 0.05 %

Commercial Department

  • Give facility for commercialization and sale production
  • Supplying the necessary material and reagents   
  • Making deal with the other centers for expansion work